Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!  The cousins (and grownups) enjoyed their time together!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Why, Yes, More Snow

 The boys had snow days yesterday and today, and we even got a couple more inches of snow.  It would have made for better sledding, but the boys had colds, so we didn't want to encourage them to be out in the cold.  I'm guessing they'll have other opportunities in the next few months!  Stanley the intrepid snow dog enjoyed himself, though.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another Snow Day

 The boys enjoyed another snow day, complete with a little bit of sledding, snow angels, and (for Matthew) hot chocolate.  Stanley was pleased with the snow, too!

Thanks to Aunt Kimberly for the snow pants and Steve & Karen for the sleds!

Snow Day

The kiddos had their first snow day of the season today, and they'll have another one tomorrow.  (UB did not cancel school, so I still had to go to work!)  This is a picture of campus, and as you can see, our area didn't get much snow -- maybe an inch or two.  But the Southtowns were completed slammed with what the news is calling historic lake effect snow -- over four feet of snow in some places, with more to come tonight and tomorrow.  It's absolutely amazing what a difference a few miles makes. You can see the wall of clouds looking one direction, and blue skies the other direction.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Road trip this weekend to visit our friends who live outside of Toronto -- the first time Matthew and James have been out of the country!  They were curious about what Canada was like.  We told them it was pretty much like here except the money looked different.  :)

Steve and Karen's kids are teenagers now, but much to Matthew and James's delight, they still have Legos.  :)  Mattie's other project was drawing a picture of each person's favorite thing.  James was a bit under the weather, but he was happy to sit on the couch and watch the football game, and report the score to us every so often.  

The adults had a great time catching up -- hard to believe it has been ten years since we saw everyone! It's not a bad drive at all from here, so I expect that we'll manage to get together at least a bit more frequently now.

Friday, November 14, 2014


 The boys are still having fun in their soccer class!

The first pictures are from a two-person game/drill they did, where the first person to score goals with two out of the three soccer balls wins.  James won (and did lord it over his brother a bit).

Before that, two of the other kids were playing, and they just could not get the last ball in the goal -- lots of shots but none of them within the cones. Finally one of them scored, and as the kids were walking off, the coach commented with a laugh to the assistant coach, "It's like watching the Sabres play!"  (The Sabres are the Buffalo hockey team, which had a dismal season last year.)