Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Biggest One Yet

 We took the boys to see the fireworks last night at Olcott Beach.  It was a beautiful night on Lake Ontario -- we sat near the lighthouse and enjoyed a lovely sunset over Toronto in the distance.

Before the fireworks, people were sending up these sky lanterns, which looked like miniature hot air balloons.  (They were pretty cool, but didn't seem like the best idea from a fire safety perspective!)

We hadn't gone to fireworks shows in previous years because it seemed too far past the boys' bedtime, but this year, their bedtime had already crept back from around 8:30 to closer to 9:30 (since camp started an hour later than school).  So, they had no problem being awake for the show.  They were a very appreciative audience -- they kept exclaiming, "Wow!" and "That's the biggest one yet!"  (And Matthew: "Is this the grand finale?")

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Campers

 The boys are going to day camp this week.  It's a traditional sort of camp where they do swimming, art projects (including pottery), archery, and that kind of thing.  They seem to be enjoying it so far!  They're in a group with one of their good friends from school (his parents run the camp).  These pictures are from our backyard, not camp -- the boys each get a turn bringing home their group's mascot (Spotty, the giraffe-asaurus).
One of the camp projects is collecting cans and bottles to raise money to adopt (sponsor) a zoo animal.  (Last year they adopted a tiger cub and a gorilla.) Matthew was a bit disappointed to find out that in this case, adoption does not mean that the animal comes to camp!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

In the Catskills

 I'm at a meeting in the Catskills this weekend (sadly, missing out on the return of Bubba and the boys' end of season baseball celebration.)  I took the train here this morning.  Matthew would be excited to see that we crossed the Rip Van Winkle bridge to get here!  (He likes the audiobook version of the story we have.)

When I sent Mike the conference info (it's a meeting at a retreat center about using media to convey stories of hope and healing, rather than just bad news and tragedy), his reply was, "seems very hippie."  He was probably right -- this evening we enjoyed a vegetarian dinner, and then had a musical performance which ended with holding hands and dancing in a circle to a Native American chant.  :)  I will probably skip the sunrise meditation but might make it to the pre-breakfast yoga. (Seriously, though, I think it's going to be a very interesting and engaging time. And the musician was awesome!)

Last Week

 I can't believe it's the last week of kindergarten already!  Wow.  I'm excited for the start of summer, but a little sad for them to be leaving kindergarten behind -- it was a good year!

(They also had their last swim lesson today (Weds), and they're excited to go back for the next session.)



Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Snapshot in the Family Album

One day Matthew may ask why James was in the family pictures when they were six and he was not. Here is why:

Exhibit A:  uncooperative
Exhibit B:  grumpy
Exhibit C:  stubborn

(And Exhibit D, moderately acceptable.)

P.S.  We love you anyhow, Mattie.  :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Pool Time

 More signs of summer -- the pool is open (although the weather has been a bit cooler than ideal for swimming).  Matthew couldn't wait to go!

The water squirters are working again, which means that the kids have go through a waterfall to get to the curvy slide -- they were a little nervous about that at first but then enjoyed it.

Visit from Bubba

Happy belated Father's Day and Happy Birthday to Grandma Geo!

 Mike's friend Elton and his family came to visit this weekend -- we're now on the way between their house and the lake place where their family spends a week in the summer.  If we're remembering correctly, the last time I saw them, their oldest one was just a baby (at our wedding) -- and now he's taller than I am and going into high school!

We were hoping the older kids wouldn't be too bored hanging out with six year olds, but it turns out that the Wii and keep-away soccer are fun for all ages.  :)  Sam, the middle son, was especially great with Matthew and James.  Elton's kids also loved playing with the musical equipment -- I think they have some natural talent for it.

I love the fourth picture because it looks like Elton and James are having a Very Serious Discussion or Solving the World's Problems.  (In fact, Elton was asking James math questions.)

Bubba cooking Bubba burgers