Saturday, January 24, 2015


 James went back to school this week, and everything went fine -- he also seems to be back to eating his normal amounts.

This morning I was wearing my Penn sweatshirt, and James said, "Is that for Pittsburgh or Pennasee?"  I explained to him that it was for Pennsylvania, and that Pittsburgh was a city in Pennsylvania (and that the other state was Tennessee).  He said, "Because the last time I saw Pittsburgh, they were playing Houston.  And the score was 34-35."  I looked it up on the Internet later, and he was absolutely right -- Pitt and Houston played in the bowl game, and that was the final score.  (Dear high school football team, we've got your statistician right here!)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lost Tooth

 Matthew did end up losing his tooth overnight last week, and we never did find it.  But the Tooth Fairy came and left him two quarters anyhow!  (He thought the extra quarter might be for James.)  I haven't gotten any good pictures yet of him without his tooth!

James seems to be mostly recovered from his tonsil surgery.  He hasn't needed any medicine for a day or two, although he sometimes still has a bit of ear pain (and asks for a warm washcloth to put on it).  And he's gradually getting back to eating.  He stopped eating altogether for a couple of days -- would not swallow anything but water -- which had us worried.  (Good thing he still has his feeding tube.)  But yesterday he ate toast and turkey, and today he's had Cheerios, pancakes, and milk (formula), so that's an improvement.

Matthew was out of school with a cold the beginning of last week, then I caught it in the middle of the week (just in time for a work trip), and James caught it at about the same time.  We're not quite rid of the sniffles yet (probably not helped by the extremely dry air in our house -- about 5% humidity -- so we're getting some estimates for a whole-house humidifer.)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Orange is the New Black

The boys watched the Horrible Histories Rosa Parks video on Saturday morning, and in the evening, Mattie said, "Rosa Parks was really brave to sit on the front of the bus."

Me:  Yes, she was.
Mattie: And then no one else rode the bus.
Me: Yes, it's called a boycott.  The bus people couldn't make any money, so they changed the rules so that people could sit wherever they wanted.
Mattie:  Why didn't they just do that in the first place?
Me: That's a good question.  They should have, but sometimes people aren't very smart, and they treat people differently because of how they look.
Mattie:  Or maybe it's because white is more beautiful than black.
(Me thinking: Ack!)
Me: Well, some people don't think so.
Mattie:  Rosa Parks probably didn't think so. She had a lot of black.
Me:  Mattie, are you talking about what color clothes people wear?
Mattie:  Yeah!  Maybe there can be a bus where orange sits in the front!

(I don't think Mattie and James really think about race yet in terms of categories -- they've never described anyone in terms of their race, etc. -- but I didn't quite expect a clothing-based interpretation of the civil rights movement!)

Loose Tooth

Mattie was up crying in the middle of the night because his tooth hurt. (He'd been complaining for a few days about his front teeth bothering him and one of them being loose -- he thought he'd bitten into some cereal that caused it.)

Fortunately, there was a pediatric dentist with Saturday hours who was able to squeeze us in today (amazing!  and they're only 10 minutes from our house!)  Mike took Mattie over, and they did x-rays, and his permanent tooth underneath is ready to come in!  I was really surprised; I thought he'd be a bit older for that.  But it looks like the Tooth Fairy will be visiting our house sooner rather than later.  (The orange thing in the picture is a "tooth case" they gave him at the dentist's office.)

They also did a cleaning for him while he was there, and he was in the Scooby Doo room.  So, altogether a good experience!  (Unfortunately, though, he does have a small cavity, so hopefully he'll still like them after they do the filling in a couple weeks.)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Snow Day 2015

 First snow day of the year!  Matthew said, "I feel like the people on Frozen!"

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Look Ma, No More Tonsils

Jamesie had his tonsils and adenoids out today.  He was such a good boy.  Mike was with him before the surgery -- I was trying to get there, too, after dropping Mattie off at school, but the snow had traffic slowed to a crawl (and the hospital is in downtown Buffalo), so I didn't make it until after he'd gone into the OR.  Mike said James charmed all the people there.  :)

The procedure itself was quicker than I expected, which was nice.  James was really angry in the recovery room -- he just kept thrashing around and screaming, "No!  No!"  When he woke up a bit from the anesthesia, they let us go upstairs to his room, and he was still mightily pissed off to have the IV in his hand.  He kept shaking it at us and glaring and yelling "no."  (Which had to be no good at all for his poor throat!) Our nurse was awesome, and she said they could take it out once he had something to drink (and they made sure he wasn't going to throw it up).  So he eventually had a sip of water, and since he has the g-tube, we could give him medicine (Tylenol) that way.

Once they took the IV out, he calmed down and took a little nap, and he was much more back to himself after that.  (One of the things he said, sleepily:  "Mommy?  Is 15 times 4 sixty?") They let us go home around 1 PM.  He was tired on the way and laid down when we got here, but after Mattie got home, they played on the iPad and we had a few hands of Angry Birds Uno.  So, James is doing really well today, although the doctor said tomorrow is going to be rougher.  We're going to do our best to keep his pain meds on schedule, which hopefully will help.  So far he's also been very good about taking sips of water, though he hasn't eaten much yet.

Temps are single digits today and tonight -- brrr!!  Thank goodness for valet parking at the hospital!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

 Happy 2015!  We celebrated in the traditional fashion, by allowing small children to play with fire. :)

The Folly of Youth

Young James insists that he is going to root for "Alacabama" rather than Ohio State in tonight's Sugar Bowl.  Oh, where did we go wrong?

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Baby Gators

 Mike wanted to take the boys to the Gator stadium the other day.  They were reluctant at first, but once we were there they had a great time climbing up all the stairs to the top, and walking all the way around the stadium.  There was also a guy in there practicing field goals (no idea who he was), which was also fun to watch.

We went to the Gator shop with the goal of getting Mattie a new Gators shirt or sweatshirt (since he's outgrown his old one), but as you can see we ended up with different souvenirs entirely. :)  (These boys sure have it good!)

By the way, Mattie's eye looks funny in the second picture because he spent the ride over covering it up and telling us he was only going to look out of one eye. (This was his protest against having to go on a family outing.) Obviously he pressed on it a little too hard (it actually looked even worse than this up close and had me a bit worried), but it was back to normal by the time we were heading home.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Seth Arrives

 Cousin Seth and his family arrived the other night.  We had mini-second Christmas, and the cousins have been having fun playing together.