Friday, July 13, 2018


 We gave our visitors a little glimpse of downtown Buffalo, mostly the Outer Harbor playground. :)  (The younger boys had fun, but Daniel preferred to read his book.)

We also took the Bike Ferry across the river (no bikes required), and ate at the Liberty Hound (although as Isaac noted, they missed out with the absence of actual hounds in the decor.)

Akron Falls

 On Erin's suggestion, we spent an afternoon at Akron Falls park. I had thought from Mike's descriptions of it that it was a small place, but it's not!  The waterfall itself wasn't too big (we haven't had a lot of rain recently), but there were trails and playgrounds and plenty to see along the creek. It was nice and shady, too. 

The boys had fun climbing on the rocks, and Mattie even had a dramatic save -- we were walking on one of the upper parts of a trail (a ridge above the creek, headed back from the waterfall overlook), and he slipped right off the edge but managed to catch himself one-handed on the railing!  (He would have been okay if he hadn't -- it was a steep slope but only maybe 15-20 feet or so--so he would probably have gotten scratched up but most likely not seriously injured.)  But I'm glad for his quick reflexes!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cooking for the Fourth

 Isaac and family arrived on the Fourth, and we had a cookout with everyone plus a few friends.  The unseasonable heat continued, but Mike braved the grill (a new one, since our Weber has possibly given up the ghost) and people even sat outside some of the time!

Personal fireworks were legal in our county for the first time this year, so we lit a few in the backyard -- they were pretty good!  Even better, we were able to watch the firework show from (we think) the country club down the street from our backyard.

(Elsa-dog was whimpering inside during the fireworks, but my guess is that it was because she was inside and almost everyone else was outside without her -- she didn't seem bothered or scared by the noise!)