Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentines

 James has missed some school this week due to a tummy bug, but he recovered in time for the Valentine's party!

One of the activities was cookie decorating, and Mrs. L said that the kids could eat their cookies as part of their snack.  James piped up, "If you want to!"  (I think he's the only one that didn't want to!)

 Matthew was thrilled that watermelon was one of the snacks -- he had about six pieces (small pieces, but still) and several servings of popcorn.

And of course, they had a great time looking at the Valentines from all their friends.  Matthew really liked the homemade ones, and James was excited to get some new pencils!  Mattie gave out Paw Patrol valentines this year, and Jamesie did Angry Birds.    

Okay Then

Matthew came home from school the other day and announced that he'd had to go to the nurse because his hair was too long and it was poking his eyes.  Point taken, son -- we took him for a haircut.  :)

(He'd actually gone to the nurse for a nosebleed, but whatever...)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Super Puppy Bowl

 Our friends just got a brand new puppy, and he joined us for our Super Bowl party.  What a little cutie!  Stanley was a bit suspicious when the pup went near the treat cabinet, and was not amused when the puppy started nipping his legs, but otherwise they got along just fine.

We had BBQ in honor of Carolina being in the Super Bowl, but we had it the superior way --with sauce -- rather than the NC vinegar-based kind.  :)  We also had jambalya in honor of Mardi Gras, and buffalo chicken dip and waffle fry nachos compliments of our friends.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Guest Reader Night

 Friday was Guest Reader Night at the kids' school.  (This year they had an Olympic theme.) The kids are always excited about hearing their librarian read a book, but poor Mrs. W was sick this year and almost losing her voice!  She did a great job anyhow.  :)

James really wanted to go on the playground like he did at Fall Fun Night (one of the other evening school events), but since it was dark, mid-thirties, and had been snowing, that wasn't going to happen. Fortunately, Mrs. W gave out balloons at the end of her story, and bouncing those around in the halls was almost as much fun.  :)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Life of Modern Stuffed Animals

Mike had been reading a book about mythical monsters to the kids downstairs.  When they came upstairs for bed, Matthew reported, "They [the stuffed animals] overheard us reading, so McQueen [stuffed race car] ordered a Kindle and he downloaded the book and read it to Chase [stuffed dog]. Now Chase is having nightmares because it was too scary.  Chase didn't read the introduction to hear that it was all made up.  Chase never reads the introduction."

Green in Winter

Yesterday Matthew said that he felt like getting out of the house and going somewhere we hadn't been before, like a farm or something.  Well, I didn't think any farms were open in February around here, but we did the next best thing -- the botanical gardens!  (Fortunately it was all/mostly indoors.)

They had a scavenger hunt for kids to do to find different plants, which the boys liked, and James was especially happy about the sandbox.  They decided to build the largest pyramid they could, and used almost all the sand doing it!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Spring for a Day

 The temperature was up near 60 on Wednesday -- not usual for February in Buffalo!  (In fact, we had snow back on the ground this morning and flurries today.)  The boys were happy to have some outdoor playtime.  James really wanted to go to a playground to do some of his ninja courses, so we did, but by the time we got there a cold wind was blowing in.

San Diego

 I was in San Diego last weekend for a conference.  As usual, the weather was beautiful, and it was great to catch up with old friends, former students, and my undergrad advisor.  We had a mixup with our hotel, so we ended up unexpectedly staying at the Hard Rock hotel for a night.  It was too bad Mike wasn't there -- one of the perks was that they had loaner guitars that you could check out!  Leigh Ann and I did not take advantage of that one.