Tuesday, October 28, 2014


 The boys have been taking a one day a week after school karate class for the last month.  On Sunday there was a special class and belt ceremony that parents could attend.  It was very cute.  (The boys seem to enjoy karate, but they don't have much skill yet -- indeed, watching them in class made Mike and I think that we need to get them doing more physical activity!)

The high point of the class for them was getting to break a board -- they were both very proud of that.  And they got their first "promotion" (to second-degree white belt, indicated by the stripes on their belts.)  Matthew, of course, really wants to get to orange belt, and keeps telling us that if he keeps going to karate, he'll get it by first grade.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Boo, it's the Zoo

 We went to the Buffalo Zoo on Saturday.  They were having a Halloween event, and I think the boys enjoyed the decorations and the playground even more than seeing the animals!  The zoo is nice, although the spaces for the animals are pretty small, which is sad.  We did get a couple up close and personal moments -- the sea lion bounced up and almost touched our hands (because the trainer happened to come out just then and he thought it was feeding time!)  And then the lionness was napping right next to the glass.  :)  The baby gorilla was also really cute.

James also enjoyed throwing leaves with a couple of other kids (and their mom told me that their kindergartener has three hours of homework a night, which sounds completely insane.)

Matthew meets a dementor

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Grandparents' Tea

 On Friday, the kindergarten class had the Grandparents' Tea.  Since James and Matthew's grandparents were too far away to come by, Mom and Dad were allowed to stand in.  :)  The kids sang some very cute songs and then everyone adjourned to the classroom for refreshments.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Sleep Study

The ENT thinks that James may need to have his tonsils out.  So, she recommended having a sleep study to see if he's having any apnea.  (If he is, it's not obvious.)  We had the sleep study last week and James was very good (although he really did not like the nasal cannula).  We won't get the results back for a week or so yet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More from the Visitors

 Here are a few more photos from the relatives' visit.  (We didn't have a Clue game, so Daniel meticulously constructed one -- and then proceeded to win on the first round, game over!)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

More Maid

 In case the apple picking wasn't enough, we also made a stop at Niagara Falls (after fortifying ourselves with pizza).  We walked by the Maid of the Mist entrance just as they were doing last call, so everyone dashed in to make it to the boat -- except for James and Grandma, who didn't want to go (and me).  They had a great ride with lots of rainbows!