Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cousin Golf

 We had a wait in the morning before our cave tour, so we hit the mini-golf course.  The boys were racing through, with Quinn and Grandma behind them and Mike and Grandpa bringing up the rear.

(As you might guess from the pictures, James made up for in enthusiasm what he lacked in technique.)

All the Great Faces

 Our route to the hotel took us right by Mount Rushmore.  :)

Hitting the Wall

 On Thursday we headed west.  Of course, we stopped at Wall Drug (although the signs advertising it were not as frequent as I had been led to believe -- Pedro from South of the Border has them beat!)  Matthew loved the dinosaur there, and we all appreciated the free ice water.  :)

Mike and I rode some of the way in the convertible -- which would have been even nicer if it had not been 100 degrees!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hay Hay

 The big attraction of the day was climbing the hay bales at Uncle Joe and Aunt Joy's house!