Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 We had a lovely Sunday in Olcott.  We were there for their Community Appreciation Day, which included music, rides on the fire truck (which would have been more fun if it hadn't taken approximately a million years to load people on), and free carousel rides.  (But let this not deter you from visiting the Carousel Museum on some other days -- the regular price is only a quarter.)

It was a beautiful (if somewhat chillier than expected) day by the lake.  The boys really enjoyed the old-fashioned kiddie rides at the Carousel Museum.

We had heard there was a swimming beach there, so we had told Matthew he could dip his feet in the water.  But when we actually made it down to the beach, the water was pretty thick with algae, and the beach was nothing to write home about -- bordered by concrete on one side, small and rocky.  Ah well, the boys enjoyed tossing rocks into the water!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Elmwood Art

 On Saturday, we went to the Elmwood Art Festival.  (Elmwood is a neighborhood in the city.)  It was a really neat festival, and a cool area in general (why, yes, our first stop was at Penzey's for spices and coloring).  However, it was probably a nicer event for people who do not have five-year-olds!  (We had to do a lot of "no-don't-touch-that-it's-very-expensive".)  They did have a kids' area, but we didn't find it right away (or at all, actually), and after we reached one end of the festival, the little guys were hot and tired and ready to go.  We look forward to enjoying it more in future years.  :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Taking After Grandpa?

Little golfers.  :)

(Well, sort of -- they helped hunt for a missing golf ball, anyhow!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fun with G & G

 We have been having a wonderful time with the SD grandparents.  Grandpa taught the boys the fine points of proper corn husking, Grandma got a new puzzle for James (and he promptly recruited the rest of us to help with it), and we had a delicious fish fry.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Horses and Tigers and Fairs, Oh My!

 We went to the Erie County Fair last week, and it had something for everyone!  We got to see the Clydesdales (and other large horses), which Walt and Georgia especially enjoyed.  And then we saw the tiger show (for Matthew, of course), and Mattie and James even got to feed a tiger at the end, by holding a bit of meat on the end of a stick.  (See?  Even tigers eat food on a stick at the fair!)

Then we saw a show of Chinese acrobats, which James loved.  (Matthew got bored and so I went with him to get a corndog.)

We ate lunch near the Wizard of Wood, who carved statues out of wood with a chainsaw.  (James was pretty interested in that one as well.)  Then we went on the Ferris Wheel (we can see all the way to Canada), and on to the kiddie rides, which Matthew and James thoroughly enjoyed.  (Poor Grandpa had a tight squeeze for his knees in the kiddie roller coaster!)

Matthew and James won little Nemo toys at one of the game booths (a bucket toss), and they were very pleased.  James "swam" his fish through the rest of the fair, and they've been playing with them ever since.

We saw a comedian ("the Skinny German Juggler"), who was very funny.  Matthew said he wanted to be a juggler when he grows up, but he'll start out by juggling things that are not on fire.  (Good call, kid.)  Then our last stop was the "extreme trampoline" show, another favorite of James's.  (I guess we better hurry and sign him up for gymnastics!)